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The reliance upon technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The reliance upon technology - Essay Example Regardless of the individual device in question, the fact of the matter is that this societal shift impacts upon nearly every aspect of personal life and nearly every relationship that currently exists around the world. The pervasive paradigm shift that has been evidenced has occurred over the past 20 to 30 years has been hailed by many as a great move forward with regards to the overall capabilities and development of the human race. However, there is an alternate view as well; one which warns against the fact that many individuals within society are slowly but surely becoming addicted to the very technology that was initially intended to aid them in accomplishing tasks of different varieties. It is the belief of this author that neither of the sides to this debate has all of the facts or is utilizing them to the correct degree. Rather, technology, although a definite aid in accomplishing tasks that would otherwise take quite a while, has become something an addictive aid that threa tens to reprogram the way in which the human mind and creativity are evidenced; thereby decreasing human potential and creating an unhealthy co-dependence that is evidenced throughout current society and culture. Firstly, it does not take a great deal of analytical or scientific discovery to realize that the way in which technology has reshaped and classified our world is without question. Moreover, a sociological increase into the way in which technology has shifted interpersonal dynamics, relationships, and communication has been conducted by a variety of researchers and convincingly pointed to the fact that the current era of texting, instant messaging, Facebook et al has significantly decreased the amount of time that individuals spend in face-to-face communication and has moved society convincingly towards something of a more introverted nature (Carr 1). Although introversion in and of itself is not necessarily a poor character trait, it must be noted that the overuse and relia nce upon these technological tools which have already been discussed has created a dynamic by which formerly extroverted individuals are merely introverted and carrying out a great deal of interpersonal communication that one might otherwise carry out face-to-face via the Internet or other technologically enabled means. However, communication is not the only thing that suffers from an overdependence upon technology. As many have noted, memory recall and the perennial knowledge that any and all information can be readily retrieved has created a situation in which memory and the ability to recall tidbits of information are placed at a much lower premium than they might have been in an era in which the likes of Google or other prominent technological means by which data can be retrieved had existed. Again, it does not take a great deal of imagination to envision an era in which it was necessary for the schoolchild, or even societal shareholder, to be nominally familiar and remember suc h information as capitals of states, a rough understanding and appreciation for the order and number of presidents, how many chromosomes exists in human DNA, who the first woman in space was, for the year in which the state of Israel was created (Cottler 24). As can be seen, there is something to be said for the amount of memory recall that individual can possess and leverage as a means of readily interjecting key understandings and tidbits of fact, data, and history into conversations and pertinent situations. However, with an overdependence upon technology has, situation in which individuals have placed this premium of memory and recall far down on the list of priorities; choosing instead to

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Omega 3 fatty acids and their correlation to mental health Essay

Omega 3 fatty acids and their correlation to mental health - Essay Example The media and fad dieticians have promoted diets that are low in fat. While there is a basis for reducing our intake of fat, the elimination of the essential omega-3 fatty acids may be responsible for the increasing rates of mental illness in the United States. A primary source for the omega-3 fatty acids is from cold water fish. Researchers have been aware that countries with a high percentage of seafood in their diet were less prone to having numerous mental disorders. Noaghiul & Hibbeln (2003) reported that countries with a diet high in seafood consumption such as Iceland and Korea, had far lower rates of bipolar I disorder, bipolar II, bipolar spectrum, and schizophrenia (p.2224). The study found that Germans, who consumed approximately 25 pounds of seafood per year per person, had a prevalence rate for bipolar spectrum disorder that was over 30 times greater that the population of Iceland where the average seafood consumption is almost 10 times that of the Germans (Noaghiul & Hibbeln, 2003, p.2223-2224). Intermediate countries such as the United States, Korea, and Puerto Rico all showed a strong correlation between the amount of seafood consumed and a lower rate of these major mental illnesses (Noaghiul & Hibbeln, 2003, p.2224). Thoug h they could not demonstrate the activity and causal relationship of omega-3, Noaghiul and Hibbeln (2003) concluded that the studies findings were, "†¦consistent with the hypothesis that an insufficient dietary intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids increases the risk of affective disorders" (p.2225). Increasing the consumption of seafood may help to prevent some forms of mental disorders. Some of the predisposition to the affective disorders may be treatable by increasing the intake of the omega-3 essential fatty acids. Andrew Stoll, director of the pharmacology research laboratory at Harvard

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William Goldings Choice Of Language Essay Example for Free

William Goldings Choice Of Language Essay William Goldings choice of language in this extract sets the scene on the island. He uses simple words such as leaped and dashed to show the swift movements of Ralph, which also create the dramatic action. They show the distress Ralph is in whilst he is on the run from Jacks savages and his desperation to survive. Simple phrases such as shied like a horse at the sound of shrills also dramatise upon the action. These show how frightened and nervous Ralph has become, as horses usually are frightened and terrified of most things (i. e. too many people) The quote Most he was beginning to dreadmaking a simpleton of him is also another example of imagery as it describes how his mind may go suddenly blank (idea of the curtain), losing any sense of what was happening around him the curtain that might waver in his brain The idea of the curtain gives the impression of that he isnt in a good state of mind, as he is on he is on the run for his life, and also been hunted down by Jacks tribe. William Golding also uses a war reference in the book which is quite ironic, as at the time he wrote the book he was horrified by the events of WWII the advancing line would pass without discovering him. It creates the image of WWII and the Jews on the run from the Nazis trying to hide away and not be caught. Linked to the story it shows the Ralph is like a Jew on the run from Jacks tribe (Nazi army) and how he is an outcast. The sentence structure is quite different throughout, as some sentences are short, whilst others long. The shorter sentences build upon the dramatic action as it shows very fast action taking place. For example when Ralph is on the run the sentences are very short, too signify fast action He flung himself down by some ferns and when Ralph is thinking to himself the sentences are very long possibly to signify the chains of thoughts Ralph has on avoiding death There was no Piggy to talk sense. There was no solemn assembly for debate nor dignity of the conch. Some sentences also vary in complexity as some just state simple facts whereas others use devices such as imagery, within them i.e. jeered up into a blanket of smoke The quote jeered up into a blanket of smoke uses imagery as the word blanket created the image of the island covered with smoke. This technique is used frequently to try and help the reader understand the situation and what the character/surroundings are like. Another example of imagery is when it says bars and splashes of sunlight flitted over him and sweat made glistening streaks on his dirty body This creates the image of the intense sunlight reflecting off him because off the sweat and also give the impression he has been on the run for some time hence dirty body The language that he uses also emphasises upon the dramatic action as he uses short, snappy phrases that gets the reader gripped and immediately aware of the situation shrill and inevitable, was the ululation sweeping across the island Overall William Golding uses a combination of effective techniques to make his novel more of a success. The effect of imagery makes the novel more exciting and the short phrases he uses also emphasises upon the dramatic action he had planned for his novel to have.

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The Fantasy World of The Glass Menagerie :: Glass Menagerie essays

The Fantasy World of The Glass Menagerie In The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams creates a world in which the characters are disillusioned by the present. Amanda, Tom, and Laura achieve this disillusionment by resorting to separate worlds where they can find sanctuary. Each character develops their own world, far away from reality. Amanda frees herself from the harsh realities of life by constantly reminding herself of the past. To begin with, she continuously repeats the story of the "one Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain" when she received seventeen gentlemen callers (1195). Furthermore, she keeps a "larger-than- life-size" photograph of her husband over the mantel who left the family when the children were young. When Jim came over for dinner, Amanda wears the "girlish frock of yellowed voile with a blue silk sash" that she wore on the day she met her husband (1222). Amanda obsesses with the past, and at the same time damaging the children psychologically. Constant allusions to the past have psychologically affected Tom and Laura, trapping them into Amanda$BCT(J lost world. Tom and Laura fail to survive in the present because they are always trying to live through the past. However, the past no longer exists, causing them distress in their journey through life. Tom is unsuccessful with his job at the warehouse and Laura cannot seem to fit in with the outside world. These personal downfalls in life drive Tom into a life of poetry and movies, and Laura into a world of glass figurines. Tom is unsatisfied with his work at the warehouse and feels his life lacks adventure. Therefore, he finds it through writing poetry and watching movies. When business is slow at the shoe warehouse, Tom goes to the washroom to work on his poetry. Tom finds adventure in poetry because he is able to create and control his own world. Along with poetry, Tom retreats to the movies every evening to fulfill his adventurous nature. Amanda questions Tom, "why do you go to the movies so much, Tom?" Tom replies, "I go to the movies because$BM*(J like adventure. Adventure is something I don$BCU(J have much of at work, so I go to the movies"(1210). Tom$BCT(J obsessions with adventure leaves him no time or energy to concentrate on his present responsibilities at work. Therefore, he leaves Amanda and Laura for the Merchant Marines, a place where he can live out his dreams for adventure. However, he cannot forget Laura, "I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful than I intended to be!"(1247). Laura's problem, according to Jim, is her "inferiority complex"

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What are the key event, trends and turning points which you think will be occurring over the next 5 years? Ampang Jaya Municipal council has a very bright vision which Is to make the Ampang Jaya Municipality prosperous and harmonious by 2015. The vision was created suitable as the function of MPAJ itself which is to serve the community within the Ampang Jaya area.In order to realize and achieve the vision, Ampang jaya Municipal Council were very struggling to adapt with and move along with the advancement of technology to ensure a very strategic town planning an be well use. Besides that, Ampang Jaya Municipal council also develops Its creativity and innovative sense so that it will contribute towards the achievement of world class organization that may facilitate the customers demand especially the residents in the Ampang Jaya area.Proudly, Ampang Jaya Munucipal Council shows lot of their effort by combining their strength as a prestigious organization with the vision stated as a dr ive to make sure Ampang Jaya Municipal Council will move forwards and Improve its accountability integrity and transparency towards a strategic town planning in the next five years ahead. SWOT ANALYSIS OF MPAJ Swot analysis Is an analytical method which is used to Identify and categorise significant internal strength and weaknesses and external sucha s opportunities and threats factors faced either in a particular arena, such as an organisation.It provides Information that Is helpful In matching the firms' resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates and is therefore an important contribution to the strategic planning process. It Is used as a dynamic part of the management and business development process. Strength of MPAJ Ampang Jaya Municipal Council Is an organization that provides services to the esident along Ampnag Jaya area. The organization plays crucial roles to ensure that all the resident living well with all the Important Infrastructure and transportation available.Firstly, the strength of Ampang Jay Municipal Council is it focuses on the environment. It means that, the organization was fully taken responsible to ensure that the environments within Ampang Jaya area are well organized and preserved. MPAJ had launch campaign to create awareness with the Involvement of public in gotong-royong every month and the Planning unit department adopt systemauc approach in designing a landscape in Ampang Jaya.No one shall diminish the environment of the area, As example, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council are held responsible to ensure there is company that will loaded up the garbage throw by the residents so that the area will be clean. This Is parallel with the maln function of MpaJ which is to serve the publics and manage the Ampang Jaya territories. Next is, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council Provide variety of facilities and services and act as an 1 OF3 enTorcement Doay wltnln tne area.I ne scope ana responsl I t D II les 0T tne pr ovide a good surroundings and environment to the the Ampang Jaya residents. Through all the budgets given by the government, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council shall play it roles as good as they should be. MPAJ enhance their role by providing and build various infrastructures, services and e-services. As example, MPAJ are held the accountability to facilitate the area with a well organize hospital facilities, transportations, food court, mosque and public bath and many more.This is regards as MPAJ strength because of their role to facilitate the area are goes well acting up as the enforcement body that will be respected by many publics. As example, MPAJ may rite a compound letter to the premises of food courts if the premises were not following the exact procedures in opening the premises such as cleanliness. Weaknesses of MPAJ Along with much strength that exists within the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council, the organization also has it weaknesses. First, the weaknesses of the MPAJ is , th e staff of the organization were lack of quality measurement.It happens and can be seen when the quality of services offered is not in line with the vision of MPAJ. The vision of MPAJ is to make the area harmonious and integrated by 2015 but still, there are oopholes in the organization where some staff was not giving all the cooperation to help achieving the vision stated. This can be prove by an articles written in a newspaper where the residents of Taman Teratai ask MPAJ to take urgent action against badly cracked and collapsed drain walls that lead to soil erosion.Regards to these matters, MPAH should take an immediate action to supervise, monitor and ensure that all the residents in the area are being take care of. This had shows the commitment stated by the organization are not well spreading within the organization. Besides, many issues had been arising regarding MPAJ. This issues arise had tarnished the MPAJ's image and reputation especially when it indicates that the staff are lacking in the integrity values. Bureaucratic in nature lead to discipline problem, unaccountability and corruption issues within the organizations.As example, the most hottest issues pertaining MPAJ of the year is the cases of former MPAJ enforcement director Capt (R) Abdul Kudus Ahmad was sentenced to 11 years and 10 months Jail and RM370,OOO fine for accepting bribes totaling RM59,OOO. This is the strongest weakness of MPAJ that had tarnished its reputation. Opportunities of MPAJ As a public organization, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council able to take and grabs many opportunities that came ahead of the organization. This opportunities came, thanks to the globalization that created many chance for the MPAJ to improves its lack and maintain it's prosperous.First, the opportunities that came beneath MPAJ organization is the growth of the technologies where the advancement of technologies lead to better productivity and efficiency of the MPAJ function. As example through the advancem ent of technology many technological devices has been adopted to provide an excellent services to the Ampang Jaya residents. As example, is the usage of modern machine conducted by expertise to beautify the town can be very useful tools for MPAJ.I nreats to M Every organization has threats that make the organization to be alert more with the surroundings. The threats that have been surrounds by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council is the mentalities of the citizen around the Ampang Jaya area itself. The demands of the citizens are sometimes beyond the limit that can be reach and realize by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council. The demands from the citizens are above the MPAJ expectations. As example, are the high citizens' expectations that emand everything to be settled within MPAJ authorities.It is an alarm that chain the public organization where the organization cannot fully fulfilled the demand. Besides that is the migration of the citizens into the Ampang Jaya area. This migration c reat more surplus and induce to the overpopulation problems thata later on creating more social issues and conflicts. It in hard to monitor the overcrowded and the possibilities to prevent and maintains its peace is more complicated. The illegal activities may take place and it will be difficult to combat the crime as overcrowded made it hard to settle things up.Tthe Ampang Jaya area is not abig area and nowadays it still can afford its population but in the future, the effects of globalization may trigger more the mirgation and create overpopulations. This later on will require the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council to provide more facilities, transportation and others accomodation but yet, the problem is it may surpass the limits of Ampang Jaya Municipal Council to cope with all the demands. MPAJ's Stakeholder Basically, stakeholders are an individual, group, organization that directly or indirectly get involve with the MPAJ activities.The Amppang Jaya Municipal council's takeholders i s consist of state government such as Office of the State Secretary and Office of State Treasury, federal government such as Housing and Local Government, Department of Public Service, MPAJ themselves which includes members of the council. Besides that is the customer that act as the important stakeholders which is residents, visitors, tourists, government agencies and private, residential owner or business premises. The non organizational organization also acts as the stakeholders of the Ampang Jaya Municipal council together with the Business Community and Concession Company.

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Critical Overview of Play Look Back in Anger Essay

Look Back in Anger Critical Overview Look Back in Anger has been recognized as a bombshell that blew up the old British theater. However, when Look Back in Anger opened as the third play in the repertory of the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre (a company that had been founded the year before precisely to stimulate new writing that would have contemporary relevance), it was not an immediate success. The critical reaction was mixed, but many of the critics, whether or not they liked the play, acknowledged its merits and those of its young author. Cecil Wilson in the Daily Mail assessed Jimmy Porter as a young neurotic who lives like a pig, whose bitterness produces a fine flow of savage talk, but is basically a bore†¦show more content†¦Part of the code of the Establishment was the stiff upper lip, that reticence to show or even to feel strong emotions. Jimmys alienation from Alison comes precisely because he cannot break through her cool, her unwillingness to feel deeply harmonized with her husba nd. Helena is Alisons friend, a very proper middle-class woman. She is an actress who comes to stay with the Porters while she performs in a play at the local theatre. Jimmy has long despised her, as he considers her a member of the Establishment. When she contacts Alisons father and asks him to take Alison home, Helena seems genuinely concerned about Alison. However, she seduces Jimmy and replaces Alison in the household. When Alison returns, Helena realizes that her affair with Jimmy is wrong and decides to leave. Cliff is Jimmy s friend and partner in the candy stall business and shares the Porters flat, although he has his own bedroom across the hall. Cliff is a poorly educated, working class man of Welsh heritage. He is warm and loving gentlelman. Look Back in Anger (1956) is a John Osborne play and 1958 movie about a love triangle involving an intelligent but disaffected young man (Jimmy Porter), his upper-middle-class, impassive wife (Alison), and her snooty best friend (Helena Charles). Cliff, an amiable Welsh lodger, attempts toShow MoreRelatedEssay Outline on Music1308 Words   |  6 Pagesin current studies as well, in both positive and negative ways. Applegate, Celia. Introduction: Music Among The Historians. German History 30.3 (2012): 329-349. Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Jan. 2013. This Introduction provides an overview of how historians, in conversation with musicologists, seek to explain music and account for its prominence in the societies, movements and lives of the people they study. Elias, Nelly, Dafna Lemish, and Natalia Khvorostianov. Britney SpearsRead MoreAn Analysis of Derek Walcotts Poem A Far Cry from Africa2218 Words   |  9 Pagespieces. According to Baugh (1978, p. 19 – 28), the process of post colonial writers is â€Å"writing back†, â€Å"re-writing†, and â€Å"re-reading† in composing literary pieces. Colonialism exploits another community and gain wealth, power, and pleasure through vicious force. Native are the most common victims of colonialism. Because of much suffering from colonial powers of European countries, post colonial overviews emerged to challenge the tradition and legacy of traditional literary works. Hence, post colonialRead MoreExamples of Jung’s Analytical Archetype Theory in the Film Shutter Island2017 Words   |  8 Pagescame out on February 19, 2010. The movie portrays many different examples of critical theory. Having watched the movie before my analysis, when I heard of Jung’s Analytical Archetype theory I linked it with this movie almost immediately. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, developed the idea that all archetypes are universal images that come from the collective unconscious and are almost instinctive to us all. Jung’s critical theory examines the unique personal collective unconscious of the charactersRead MorePersonal ity Characteristics and Health Psychology Essay4959 Words   |  20 PagesOther characteristics however may hinder how they function in their home, at work, or even at play. The perspective taken by a growing population of professionals has been that these traits, or personality characteristics, are better described as roles that can be played. Adopting this philosophy allows the client to realize that they can make changes in their lives by adjusting the parts that they play. The wellness psychologist takes the perspective that particular maladaptive characteristicsRead More American History X and the Epidemic of Youth Violence Essay4096 Words   |  17 Pagesnow am found, Was blind but now I see. --Shaker hymn James Garbarino (1999) discusses the boys who are lost and ways that they can learn to see again in his book Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them. He takes an in depth look at what he calls the epidemic of youth violence in America in order to determine its causes and origins. By gaining an understanding of the problem, Garbarino hopes to be able to ascertain some sort of solution. He provides useful advice and insightRead MoreThe European Society Of Animal Assisted Therapy7053 Words   |  29 Pagesconsiderations. Therapy dogs undergo extensive training before working with patients (Murphy, Shepard, (2004). There are many different groups of people that have benefited from canine assisted therapy. The following sections will take an in-depth look at a few groups. Canine Assisted Therapy for people with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer s disease as suggested by the Alzheimer’s Society is the most â€Å"common cause of dementia†. They also suggest the â€Å"word dementia describes a set of symptoms that can includeRead MoreThe European Society Of Animal Assisted Therapy7002 Words   |  29 Pagesconsiderations. Therapy dogs undergo extensive training before working with patients (Murphy, Shepard, (2004). There are many different groups of people that have benefited from canine assisted therapy. The following sections will take an in-depth look at a few groups. Canine Assisted Therapy for people with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer s disease as suggested by the Alzheimer’s Society is the most â€Å"common cause of dementia†. They also suggest the â€Å"word dementia describes a set of symptoms that can includeRead More Comparing the Opening Scenes of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth3248 Words   |  13 PagesThe opening scene of any play is extremely important because it can play a major role in establishing key elements throughout the rest of the performance. The main elements are the characters, themes, language, settings and plot. The audience can form a basic idea of these elements involved to spark their interest in the play. There is a great deal of contrast between the opening scenes of â€Å"Macbeth† and â€Å"Romeo and Juliet†, both by William Shakespeare. The first scene of â€Å"Macbeth† by William ShakespeareRead MoreEssay on Violent Athletes2572 Words   |  11 Pagesit also became the focus of mainstream American debate. Everyone had an opinion on who was to blame: It was the players who began the brawl on the court and then took it into the stands. It was the fans who provoked multimillionaire athletes into anger by throwing debris down on them. It was the Palace at Auburn Hills security who failed to bring the situation under control. It was the NBA for encouraging such thuggish behavior from its players and then allowing their violence to take place on liveRead MoreAbortion - Critical Thinking Essay3789 Words   |  16 Pages Abortion – Critical Thinking New Charter University Abstract What subject has been more controversial for the last several decades than abortion? Since the decriminalization of abortion in 19731, thousands have been performed every year in the United States. Whether you are a pro-life or right-to-life supporter, or a pro-choice advocate, there are compelling arguments. Both sides use proven statistics, as well as emotional appeal to establish their points. Pro-choice groups speak to

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Advanced Database - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1325 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2018/12/14 Category IT Essay Type Descriptive essay Level High school Tags: Computer Essay Did you like this example? Introduction An advanced database is involved in gathering of data that is planned so that it can be easily retrieved, accomplished and reorganised as well. The advanced technology has greatly evolved from peer to peer, peer to server and from server to cloud base system. However the advanced database system has different pros and cons within. Some of the advantages of this database system include reduced costs, saves on time consumption, and allows easier retrieval of data. Some of the most important configurations used in advanced database include the Network topology and the backbone system. Peer-to-Peer was established for substantial courtesy starting from both invention and academic world as a form of circulated computation lying between the traditionally distributed systems and the web. Peer to server this has greatly changed from two peers (computers which were used which were used to generate their resources in a decentralized manner thus, opting to bring difficulties. Therefore the peer was transformed to a server which operated in a centralised manner which enabled the server to serve many clients. Also the advanced database system has evolved to cloud based system which relay on sharing of computing resources other than having personal resources or devices as well. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Advanced Database" essay for you Create order A physical topology refers to the physical design of networks, the cabling system design used to link devices. This mentions to the design of? electrics, the sites of nodules, and the acquaintances in the midst of the nodules and the wiring (Shi, Lo, Qian, etal. 2016). The corporal topology of a system is unwavering by the competences of the net entree devices and mass media, the glassy of resistor or culpability acceptance is anticipated, plus the charge allied with wiring or satellites paths. This topology relationship aids in database storage and maintenance of the available nodes and the links in the networks and characteristics. Examples include Mesh, Star, Bus, Ring and Star topologies. Mesh topology This is one of the networks system in which the networks are linked with many terminated interconnections between net nodes. There is joining of nodes in this systems through use of a circuit. Mesh Topology is therefore divide into the full mesh and partial mesh topologies. Full mesh topology mainly arises when all cables within this network system has a path linked to nodules within it. This network topology therefore lavish to contrivance but in this scenario it ends up cropping the utmost volume of compensation. On the other hand, a partial mesh topology is less expensive for implementation and crops fewer termination as compared to full mesh topology. In this topology, specific lumps are structured in a full mesh system while others are linked to one or two nodes within the system. Star Topology It is a star-like network, in which the hub (main computer) links the devices. The nodes interconnect from lump to the other by paving data through the major merit for this topology is that, one faulty of the node within its network system does not interfere with the rest of the system. Its core demerit is that if the hub fails, the entire system does not function. Bus Topology A bus topology is a centralized cable with a main wire that is used to link all the devices on a Local area Network. The bus topology can also be referred as the backbone of the network. This network is fairly cheap and easier to connect in minor systems. As compared to star topology, the bus topology requires less cables thus making it easier to connect a device. However the bus topology has got its own demerit which occurs when a wire break down therefore no transmission data will occur and sometimes the problem cannot be easily retrieved thus causing 7the network to shut down. Ring Topology This topology is also a Local area network. However, all its nodes are connected in a close loop. This therefore indicates that messages travels around the ring network with which every node within the topology reads each messages that has being addressed. The ring topology has got one main merit which is it can span large distances compared to any other network topology since each of its nodes regenerates message as they pass through them. Tree Topology A tree topology is also referred as the hybrid topology which involves a combination of both bus and star topologies. In this topology a group of star network are linked along the bus prop cable. This system is best suited for huge processor networks since the topology rifts the entire net into small parts which can be effortlessly managed. The topology has several demerits one of the major being that the interconnection mainly relies on the hub that is on the middle and whenever this hub fails it leads to corruption of the entire network system. Constraints A constraints is said to be an enforcement of the data type which is involved in updating, insertion and deletion from the table. The general purpose for these constraints is to maintain the required data integrity during data updates, deletion and insertion into a given table. Constraints are further used to constrain data and also used to enforce a referential integrity and ensure security of data within the advanced database system. They also prevent incomplete data storage within the database system. There several types of constraints which include: Primary key: this is a constraints that is mainly used to uniquely identify each records within the database. Foreign key: it is a constraints through which values from the specified columns must referenced from the existing record in another table Not null: in this constraints where each value within the specified column must be NULL. Unique constraints: values in specific columns must be unique for each row in the table. Check: in this constraints a mien is itemised and it must evaluate the truth for a constraints for a constraint to be specified. A script programme to create a database table In database a table is derived as a set of values and it consist of vertical columns and the horizontal rows having the cell being a unit in which the column and the row conjoins. A table tends to have a specified no of columns and any given number of rows. Below is a script program to create a database table: Backbone System A backbone is a computer based network that comprises the number of connectivity amongst its devices such as the hubs, circuits and the connectors. This network aims at providing a way for interchange of information between various local area networks. This system aids in easy access of stored information from the database thus reducing time wastage when one needs to retrieve any given information from the database system .With the advanced technology backbone system has made a great contribution in improvement of database. Conclusion A database system enables one to store, organise and manage a huge expanse of information within the developed software. Making use of the database system helps in rising the effectiveness of business acts and declines the overall costs. They are also important to the organizations and businesses since they provide an efficient technique for managing numerous types of data. Examples of data that can be easily managed in the database include: employee records, student records, payroll, accounting, project management, and catalogue and library records. The database system also saves on time consumption since data is computerized thus little time is consumed when retrieving data from the data base as compared to the manual way of retrieving data. References Shi, Y., Lo, D., Qian, K. (2016, June). Teaching Secure Cloud Computing Concepts with Open Source CloudSim Environment. In? Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2016 IEEE 40th Annual? (Vol. 2, pp. 247-252). IEEE.